About Us

About Us

  We are evellyhootd, a clothing brand where each article is fit, comfortable, and of high quality. We make clothes that you can use in any venture of your life, including daily life, travel, sports, and work. We are proud to say that evellyhootd pays close attention to environmental protection. We aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible as we protect it to the best of our ability. Along with this, we always source material ethically, and our employees love working with us.

  evellyhootd creates clothes that are tailored to the themes in your life. We offer multiple classic styles of trousers, dresses, tops, sweatshirts, tees, and other versatile pieces that make up the building blocks of a woman’s wardrobe. We have created them to be worn on weekends or even at the office. Women can now engage in sport, travel, and work comfortably and stylishly with these outfits. Even if you wanted to venture into different world cultures with clothing, we’ve got your back. We have clothes from different cultures so wearing them will take you on a journey to a distant land. Clothing is an integral part of different cultures, and Evellyh can transport you there. Whether you are partying or traveling, working or staying at home, there’s something for every stage.

  We understand how important customer satisfaction and communication are, so we have a dedicated group of attentive individuals who offer after-sales and customer support. We deeply care about your satisfaction, so the evellyhootd customer happiness team is always at your service to help you with whatever you need. They’re the best people to approach when you need a referral, a refund, or just a reason to smile. Reach out with no hesitation, even just to say hi.

Our Mission

  We want women worldwide to add new happiness to their lives with clothing. Clothing is an integral part of everyone’s life and a fantastic way to express yourself. With something as small as this, we can all add happiness to our lives and push away negative feelings. At every point in our lives, we encounter multiple themes that involve the same ritual; putting on a gorgeous outfit, displaying a new version of yourself, and obtaining a new sense of happiness. evellyhootd aims to help women complete this ritual in every theme of life. You will surely add so much more happiness to your life with us. After all, a new you mean newfound happiness.